I will be doing work on cars, trucks, custom rods, and heavy trucks on a first come first serve basis after hours and weekends.


Do you have electrical problems that you just can't find or explain? Have you had a few different mechanics tell you that you have different problems? Give us a call, and let us help you. This is what we do. We find and advise you of your options. We can and will correct what we find. Don't let misdiagnosis give you headaches. 

I now have scanning capabilities for heavy truck and construction equipment. Remember, I diagnose Car, Truck, Generators, and Heavy construction/Industrial units. We use the latest resources available to us to get your Car or Truck back up and running quick. There are no Challenges, just honest solutions to your problems.



    We are a company you can rely on for your electrical needs. We are a one stop shop for all electrical troubleshooting for your Car or Truck.


    March 2017
    January 2017